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UP TO 25% OFF & FREE SHIPPING above £80!

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The making of FeetUp®

The headstand is considered one of the most effective and important excercises in yoga. Beginners and advanced students alike want to experience all the virtues of the headstand. In many cases, they lack the experience or the muscles to carry out the headstand safely. Others feel too shaky to even attempt the headstand in the first place.

For this very reason Kilian, a yoga teacher from Pfronten, Germany, developed FeetUp®: a headstand stool made of solid beech wood with a comfortable cushion made of vegan faux leather.

It was his aim to help yoga students around the world to achieve the important headstand safely. The big advantage of FeetUp®: there's no pressure on your sensitive cervical spine. In the eight years since its inception, FeetUp® has become the ideal companion for thousands of yogis all over the globe.

Fact sheet

  • Market entry: 2008
  • Frame: beech wood, multilayered, bent our of one piece, lacquered
  • Padding made of recyclable foam
  • Cover: white faux leather (vegan)
  • Features: dismountable, stackable (saving space)
  • Patented
  • More than 500 yoga schools in Europe are using FeetUp®
  • FeetUp® is sold successfully in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden, UK, Japan and Kuwait


Patrick Broom, yoga teacher of the German national football team
„Mit dem FeetUp® Yogastuhl wird der Aufstieg in den Kopfstand erleichtert und somit für jeden

"The FeetUp® yoga stool simplifies ascending into the headstand for everyone. This means even people without any previous yoga experience can practice the headstand safely. Practicing the headstand continuously strengthens the body, calms the mind and expands the horizon."

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Please reach out to Marein Toplak (marein@feetup.de) for any press inquiries.